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Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds

Posted 1 year ago

Book Purchase Link : http://amazon.com/dp/B0BMGPJPJBJ

Website Link : www.wallaceebriggs.com

A species of omnivorous worm invade Earth, the like of which no one has encountered before. The guardian, four witches of Earth, are powerless against the alien organism. It falls to Jimmy to seek the help of his technologically advanced friends on Attalia, his home planet in a different dimension. Jimmy may be an orphan, but he has friends on both sides of the universe. Jade, the apprentice witch, joins Jimmy on his quest by becoming a stow-away on Jimmy's starship, but unfortunately, they are attacked en route, in another region of space, by more worms. In a dramatic rescue, they are recovered safely to Attalia, Jimmy's home planet. President Alpha asks his scientists to formulate a solution to the Wormz threat to Earth’s inhabitants and any civilisation in any part of the universe.

They arrive at a plausible counterattack strategy, and it is in Jimmy's hands to deliver salvation or die in the attempt.

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