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Listen To Me: How My Down Syndrome Brother Saved My Life

Posted 1 year ago

Price: $ 4.99

Book Purchase Link : www.amazon.com/dp/B09C42P3ZC

A Down Syndrome brother is born to 13-year-old Lynne and her 9-year-old brother, David. Lynne watches her family implode while trying to keep this new born baby, Bruce, from ending up in an institution and David from suffering middle child issues. Her grandparents are wonderful, offering support, even her one grandfather who has shown little interest in his other grandchildren, but will this be enough to save them? Life seems normal until Lynne goes away to college and learns her baby brother is still not safe from being given away.  This is their story. Join these siblings on their journey through trials and lessons as they maneuver life together and apart.  Lynne, David and Bruce triumph over separation, their love and commitment to each other never waving.  There is only one thing that will ever separate them. By turns funny and heartbreaking, Listen to Me is a story about being brave, finding your voice, and becoming not who you thought you were, but who you were meant to be. 


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