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The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

Posted 6 months ago

Book Purchase Link : http://amazon.com/dp/B09B34V4TN

Website Link : www.wallaceebriggs.com

This is the start of the four book series (soon to be five) of fantasy stories relating the adventures that befall Jimmy Crikey, the orphaned alien boy who chose to stay on Earth despite the cruel bullies. This is an epic adventure story that will take you below this earth, over mighty oceans, and even beyond the stars, to find a place where this orphan can fit in. Jimmy now numbers among his friends the four witch guardians of Earth’s realms, Lord Oron the Weatherman and Gemma, the little lady who Jimmy resued from the bottom of the well but could not recall how she got there. One reviewer wrote , “Even though this book is written for a younger audience, I found myself more than once, tensing up a little bit wondering how Jimmy was going to get out of whatever the current predicament. The lessons in this book are well presented: bullying is bad, but you can overcome; confidence in yourself is powerful; beauty comes from the inside.”

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