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The Flip

Posted 6 months ago

Price: $ 14.99

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Five Stars - Dinky and his loyal companion, Blue, must brave the callous world that has risen after the Pentacle, a deadly virus that wiped out 90 percent of the world's humans and animals. His wife needs medicine, and there's nothing else to do but leave the safety of their home and find it for her. No matter what he encounters, good or bad, he goes to sleep "the most fortunate man in the world." You'll be rooting him on, all the way through, just like I did.......................KCatanzite

The Flip is a heartwarming tale, focused on survival in a post-apocalyptic society stemming from a global pandemic.

The Flip, is the story of a southern man beginning in the spring time somewhere around 2020. By fate or by grace, Dinky was within the 10% of the global population that was immune to the killer virus called Pentacle. He is in the unique situation that his wife was immune as well. The story is set in the fourth year after the devastation.

Sarah, a.k.a. Baby Girl, had been diagnosed and was under medication prior to the Flip that kept her illness in remission. That medication supply has run extremely low. Dinky exhausted all the local avenues for procuring the needed medication and embarks a journey on foot with his faithful canine Blue with the intent of finding it in a larger town about thirty-five miles away.

The story tells of the joys and the perils associated with the journey. In reflections of the past, pre-Flip and post-Flip, the gentleman recalls moments of enlightenment, pride and pain within his life that cemented the character of the man he became.

The Pentacle Virus drove mankind to the brink of extinction. Humanity is determined to complete the job.

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