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The Triumph of Diversity: Rejoice In and Benefit from the Interconnectedness of Humankind

Posted 1 year ago

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In The Triumph of Diversity, Dr. Ciaramicoli analyzes prejudice by tracing it to personal origins and relates true stories of courageous individuals who have overcome hatred, cruelty and sadism to become open-minded, loving resilient people.He re-emphasizes that we are in desperate need of those who unite rather than those who ostracize.

Dr. Ciaramicoli shares his observations as a psychologist in clinical practice, his interviews with laymen, clinicians and clergy of all faiths,as well as data from current resarch to conclude, as Thomas Paine said, "My Country is the World; My Religion is to do Good," and that learned prejudices can be laid bare and redirected to give way to genuine empathy and inclusion over exclusion. Dr. Ciaramicoli also indicates that diversity produces happiness, creativity, and producitivity in the workforce.

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