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The Great Liquor War

Posted 7 months ago

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Building a Railroad then trying to rob it.

“The Great Liquor War”


Hank James is trying to make his fortune panning gold but it isn’t exactly working that way. However with the help of an “inside source” he does well betting on a prize fight.

With his winnings Hank invests in a new business hauling freight to build the new railroad. With luck, hard work and good help he does well. Then his “inside source” from the days of the prize fight expects help when the BC Provincial Police face off against the North West Mounted Police.

While the police forces fight each other who is watching the criminals? If Hank is identified as helping the law will they try to make him pay for his interference?

And while all the thievery, shooting, killing, arrests and trials are going on, what happened to Hank’s new girl?


From the same vault that holds the work of William Johnstone, Matt Braun, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour.

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