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You Dear Sweet Man

Posted 7 months ago

Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/YOU-DEAR-SWEET-THOMAS-NEVIASER-ebook/dp/B072KFQ17C/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=thomas+neviaser&qid=1570975556&sr=8-3

Website Link : www.thomasneviaser.com

Would you give up your life to enter an unknown world just to eat a hamburger? A fast-food company creates the Ultimate Perfect Ad, a 3D form of motion with a model having an evil agenda. Her telepathic ability has special powers over men, utilizing a simple phrase, “You dear, sweet man." Her plan jeopardizes a blue collar worker's life as he realizes that advertising is not as glamorous as it seems and that his relationship with the woman's ultra-ego has defined his destiny from which he may never escape.

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