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Quantum Energetics and Spirituality: Aligning with Universal Consciousness

Posted 2 years ago

Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/Quantum-Energetics-Spirituality-Universal-Consciousness/dp/B094TGS27L/ref=sr_1_2?crid=NP89COX853V&dchild=1&keywords=quantum+energetics+and+spirituality&qid=1621634855&sprefix=quantum+energetics+and+spi%2Caps%2C349&sr=8-2

Website Link : www.ConsciousExpansion.org

The birth of quantum physics brought science and spirituality into alignment. It was the realization by physicists that photons have consciousness, and not just limited consciousness, but awareness of the entire cosmos. This is easy to prove by a simple experiment. A photon is a sub-atomic quantum of light that has no mass, but has velocity, momentum and vibratory frequency.

In knowing and understanding the structure of our experiences, we can master our lives in all dimensions of quantum energy patterns. What is real is consciousness. It is all-pervasive throughout the cosmos and perhaps beyond. Universal consciousness expresses itself as the unified quantum field of all potentialities. This is a plasma electromagnetic expanse of wave patterns, radiant with photons and life force. The seers and mystics perceive that there is a quality of unconditional love that is inherent in universal consciousness. This has not yet been recognized by quantum physicists, but it is implied by the organization of the living cosmos. Everything is conscious and works in perfect harmony, with the exception of our negatively-polarized energetic patterns, due to our desire to use our free will to explore anomalous vibrations under the guise of self-created limitations to our awareness. We can resolve our limitations and elevate our lives.

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