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Loose Threads: Cool Assassins 1

Posted 20 days ago

Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07J5GQV19

Website Link : nttp://www.psignologic.net/loose_threads.html

"Loose Threads" tracks two women who join Dog Breakfast (DB) co-op, an informal security outfit.  DB safeguards an egalitarian society that encourages individual excellence.  The co-op trains acolytes to reach Olympic gold.
___Nyssa struggles with PTSD from a 3-year stint in the sex trade.  She joins DB for a fresh start.  But the training is tough, and she must deal with issues of trust before she reclaims her libido.
___Jen suffers from vertigo, yet she climbs a skyscraper to attack a summit of the world's most powerful CEOs.
___"Loose Threads" takes place in the Pacific Rim, circa 2070s.  Earth struggles from the impacts of Climate Change, and the narrative records the 1st-round of the Sustainability War.

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