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The Tales of Peter the Pixie Peter and the Ants Part 1 - Read To Me

Posted 1 month ago

Price: $ 3.99

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lt was a bright, warm spring morning

Bobbing gaily in the river was a large golden oak leaf, a very large leaf.

After some moments, a pair of pale green hands appeared and grabbed the sides of the leaf. And then there followed a head to match..

And so, a little Pixie, by the name of Peter arrived at the forest.

In this, the opening book of the series, Peter learns his very first lesson about giving.

Peter and the Ants Pt 1 is the first of the Peter the Pixie stories. Here we are introduced to the innocent little green person, and follow in his learning about giving and generosity,

ln addition to being an amusing and interesting story in itself, these tales also integrate a rich learning system.

Firstly; most of the stories incorporate an educational or moral theme or message that can be reflected on with your child.

Secondly; each story exists in five levels of difficulty; 'I Can Colour', 'I Can Read', 'I Am Reading,' 'I Read Alone,' and 'Read To Me'.

They each contain the same images and the same text, with increasing levels of simplification.

Thirdly; the' I Can Read' and 'I am Reading' versions will also exist in different bilingual editions.

Finally; for each 'I Can Read' language version, there will exist a free to access, (YouTube), animated reading of the story.

Although this is of course helpful for children learning to read in their own language it is essential for leaming to read and speak a foreign language correctly.

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