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Two Ways to Die - A Java Jarvis Thriller

Posted 7 months ago

Price: $ 9.95

Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081DVYKY9

Website Link : www.erinwade.us

Erin Wade's New #1 Bestselling Lesbian Action/Adventure/Romance. With more twists than a moonshine run in the Kentucky hills, "Two Ways to Die" is a cliff hanger you'll think about long after you finish the last page. You'll fall in love with Java Jarvis & Kat Lace as they scorch the pages with their desire for one another.  Java Jarvis is like no heroine you've ever met. The kind of woman every girl wants to meet at least once in her lifetime. She's every woman's dream and every criminal's nightmare. One of the hotttest Lesbian Novels of the year.

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