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Resilience, Grace and the Art of Showing Up- A Spiritual Journey of Empowerment Against All Odds

Posted 7 months ago

Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/dp/1641842113

Website Link : www.luannahvictoriaaranaauthor.com

"A powerful message of encouragement to those on a path of personal growth"- Mahmud Nestman, Counsellor M.Ed, RCC,HT

Resilience, Grace and the Art of Showing Up  is an inspiring and uplifting book sharing the true story of one young woman’s determination to heal and rise above the traumas that had affected her in her youth by opening up to life and new possibilities of perceiving and understanding herself and life.

Through her observations of Nature, and gathering life teachings from many cultures, Luannah made the shift from victim to victor. She enlightens the reader to explore the Power of Nature as a resource of wisdom and truth, as ally and healer, awakening us to our own innate resilience and capacity to re-create ourselves.

​Luannah offers deep insights and tools of perception in how we can  restore harmony and balance in our lives after trauma. This book has the power & potential to change lives in beautiful and enriching ways. 

“Resilience Grace and the Art of Showing Up is an expression of faith, fortitude and forgiveness. Luannah shares her experiences and adventures in life overcoming trauma. An honest and at times heart wrenching depiction of her tenacity and courage to reach the life lessons to become her true self. A truly gifted human has evolved who now enriches and empowers others through her energy and resurgence.” Andrea Davis, Author Survival Was Only The Beginning

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